Veggie Summer Rolls

Fresh Vegetables
  • 2 English or regular cucumber[s] or use zucchini
  • 2 small carrot[s] or 1 large carrot
  • 1 red bell pepper[s]
  • 1 small Hass avocado
  • 1 small bunch Daikon radish sprouts
  • serve with coconut aminos, peanut sauce, or salad dressing recipe link follows
  1. Wash all vegetables. Remove ends from cucumber. Using a mandolin or very sharp knife cut into thin planks. Set aside.
  2. Slice bell pepper. Remove stem, seeds, and membranes and discard. Cut pepper into thin strips.
  3. Peel carrot[s], remove ends, and slice in half. Cut into carrot “sticks.”
  4. Cut avocado in half. Remove skin and pit. Slice avocado halves lengthwise.
  5. Place a bit of Daikon radish sprouts on one end of cucumber plank. Optional – add salt and pepper, to taste. Add avocado, bell pepper strip, and carrot stick on top of radish spouts and roll up inside of cucumber plank. Repeat until all vegetables are used.
  6. Divide summer rolls in two and arrange on plates with overlapping side down. Optional – secure each roll with a toothpick. Serve with your choice of coconut aminos, peanut sauce {recipe link follows}, or Skinny5 reduced calorie salad dressing of choice.

CLICK for Soy-free Peanut Sauce recipe.

Nutrition label coming soon!

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